Vapourising tobacco in an Iolite

I was reading the Iolite manual yesterday and I notice the company says it is possible to smoke tobacco in your vapouriser, recommending that people use pipe tobacco rather than rolling baccy.

This seems like quite a pleasant way to have a smoke and enjoy the taste of tobacco, and a google for ‘vaporizing tobacco’ reveals that it actually gives you quite a strong nicotine rush.

Vapourisers are typically designed with bud in mind, and the Magic Flight Launch Box or Iolite are set to heat up to the ideal temperature for cannabis vapourising. Tobacco burns at a lower temperature than weed, but high-end models such as the Volcano have temperature controls that you could use to lessen the heat to around 130 degrees C – ideal if you want to get your nicotine fix.

Instead of jacking in the tobacco altogether, I could have simply bought some pipe tobacco and maintained a nicotine addiction with the minimum of health problems! While a lot of research has gone into demonstrating that vapourising cannabis is effectively safe and will not damage the lungs, studies into tobacco vaping do not appear to have been performed – probably because there is no medical purpose to smoking tobacco, whereas weed is effective for a whole range of conditions.

If you want to enjoy your tobacco safely, or you just want to get high, buy a Volcano vaporizer!

Get a full bouquet of cannabinoids from a Magic Flight vapouriser

I wrote recently that the Iolite is somewhat like an e-cigarette, but the more I consider it, the less adequate this comparison seems. Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes are a good idea, they don’t compare to the magic of a Magic Flight Launch Box.

Tobacco is a pretty boring substance when compared with cannabis, and the e-cig manufacturers obviously noticed this, because the cartridges contain propylene glycol – which probably isn’t particularly good for you – and nicotine, which gives you your fix.

However, lovely cannabis contains a rich bouquet of THC and a number of different types of CBD, with every strain getting you high in a slightly different way. Using a vapouriser burns these all up without waste, using the unique characteristics of your buds to get you properly blazed.

My new years’ resolution of giving up the baccy is going swimmingly now. The temptation to wrap up my vapouriser duff and a bit of green in a Rizla to experience the feeling of smoking has almost subsided, and my Iolite vapouriser is really the key to my new lease of life. I feel so much healthier now – it’s amazing how poorly my lungs were working on December 31st!

Get healthy today by buying an Iolite online!

Using a vapouriser to give up tobacco for 2013

My new year’s resolution for 2013 is to stop smoking tobacco. Although I’ve always been happy to extol the virtues of vapourisation as a discreet and efficient way to consume cannabis, smoking spliffs with a little bit of tobacco in has been a habit of mine for many years, almost certainly due to the addictive qualities of nicotine.

I used to smoke roll-ups regularly and gave these up four years ago, and  after the strong cravings, I noticed the tremendous differences to my health and happiness, despite still consuming it in my joints. Even though it’s been less than five days since I last smoked any tobacco, I feel far fitter and healthier than I used to – it’s very similar to how I felt when I gave up roll-ups all those years ago – my lungs began to clear out mucous and work properly again, my tastebuds work better and I am beginning to feel very positive.

A lot of people seem to use a huge amount of tobacco in their joints, and even if they’re not smokers, they might be unaware how addicted to nicotine they are. You’d be surprised how strong the cravings I’ve felt over the last few days have been. There was plenty of anxiety and stress, tight shoulders, headaches and all-round unhappiness, but in less time than you’d think, this all subsided. Now, I feel actually better than I did when I smoked spliffs – the high is clearer, the stone is stonedier and the additional healthiness has made me feel happier all-round. Doobies are just like smoking cigarettes – although when you smoke them you feel satisfied, when you give them up you realise that you were less happy in general because of how the combustion byproducts affected your health.

I’m sure there will be challenges and I’m not going to beat myself up if I smoke a joint round at a friend’s house, but the risks faced when you burn cannabis and tobacco together are completely unnecessary. Just spark up a Magic Flight Launch Box and vapourise your weed.

My girlfriend is also planning to quit smoking tobacco, and she smokes joints and cigarettes. We’re planning to invest in a Volcano vapouriser and she’s already bought electronic cigarettes to cope with the nicotine addiction, and with the money we’ll save, we’ll probably be able to throw an annual foreign holiday into the mix. E-cigarettes are essentially nicotine vapourisers, and are dramatically safer than inhaling burning plant matter. What an age we live in, where you can get all the joy out of smoking cigarettes and joints, with the smallest possible risk of negative side effects!

Silicone Dielectric Compound and the Magic Flight Launch Box

I’ve seen a few posts about this on the ‘net, and have wondered myself – What’s the use of the little tube of ‘Silicone Dielectric Compound’ which accompanies some MFLB accessories, such as the water pipe adaptor?

There have been various hypothesis, including that it is a conducting agent you’re meant to spread on your battery, or that it’s a lubricant (the purpose of which isn’t proposed), but nobody has known the truth. Until now! One of our avid readers actually mustered up the courage to ask the Magic Flight team about it, and got this in reply:

As for the Silicone Dielectric Compound, that is usually shipped with our Water Pipe Adapter (WPA). It is used to insure that the glass has a snug fit in the water pipe.

Simple stuff! And, I’ve gotta say, it does that job marvellously, and nicely replaces a rubber seal I was using for the job. Although, since my bong’s downstem has an integrated bowl (which the adaptor sits in), it means I’d have to clean the gooey compound off if I ever wanted to use a gauze with it, for combustion.

And to think I’d been sticking it on my power adaptor hoping to get a better connection – d’oh!

Magic Flight have launched a new grinder – the ‘Finishing Grinder’!

Magic Flight have recently announced their latest grinder, ‘The Finishing Grinder‘, which looks awesome!

It’s more like a coffee grinder than the average, and will chop your weed into the teeniest pieces. A finer grind = a better vape, since there’ll be more surface area contact with the hot air. And what makes the Finishing Grinder extra sexy is that it’s the perfect size for your launch box (see the middle picture) and grinds your bud directly into the trench rather than keeping it in the grinder, so no more delicately manipulating the weed into the box, which can be a real pain in the arse if you’re not sat at a table.

Plus it shares the same awesome lifetime warranty as the Launch Box!

Unfortunately Magic Flight’s standard shipping charge to the UK is a whopping £20 (ish), which means you’ll be paying almost the price of the grinder AGAIN, and while I could see it just about being ‘worth it’ at £20, £40 is crazy money for a teeny tiny grinder. I’ll just have to hang fire until the next time I need to order something bigger, to make the shipping worthwhile. Sigh!

If you’ve more money than sense and are willing to spend the dough, you can buy the grinder, with UK shipping, direct from the Magic Flight shop!

Da Kube vs Magic Flight Launch Box

There’s a new MFLB knock-off on the market called Da Kube: check it out on Amazon

To all intents and purposes, it looks just the same as the Magic Flight, and I’d wager the electronics inside are largely similar too – after all there’s nothing particularly complex about the Magic Flight, and although I’m sure it took a lot to perfect, it’s can’t be particularly hard to copy. From reading the Amazon reviews, it seems to do its primary purpose (getting you high!) as well as the Launch Box, albeit perhaps a little rougher round the edges – I’ve seen mention of having to file the case / bend pins to get a good connection.

However, there’s one massive difference between the two: Da Kube has a shitty warranty, while Magic Flight’s is awesome. Magic Flight will replace your Launch Box if it has any problems whatsoever, no questions asked, for free! And how long does this warranty last? Forever! You buy a Launch Box now and, assuming Magic Flight don’t go out of business, you’ll have a launch box for life. Pretty awesome.

Da Kube has a 12-month warranty, and is £40 cheaper. Assuming your vaporiser never breaks, it might be worth saving the few quid. But shit happens, and vaporisers break, and you’ll be kicking yourself if you have to buy a new replacement!

Personally, I wouldn’t risk it – the little extra the Launch Box costs is well worth such an awesome replacement policy!

Using the Magic Flight Water Pipe Adaptor with a cheapo bong!

I’ve recently received the water pipe adaptor for my Magic Flight Launch Box and let me tell you, it makes the world of difference. The MFLB seems to produce very dry vapour, and having it filtered through a bong really reduces the tickliness on my throat, which was becoming a bit of a pain. I bought a cheap ice bong for £18 from my local head shop, and it’s quite decent, but I think the effect could be much improved by a fancier bong with a diffuser. But for the time being, this is brilliant. Only problem is that obviously, a bong isn’t discrete in any way whatsoever, which kills one of the MFLB’s main attractions. It’s also very noisy!

My Magic Flight order came with a tube of something called ‘Silicone Dielectric Compound’. From what I can tell from a bit of Googling it’s a gel which conducts electricity well, and some have theorised it’s to use with the power adaptor. But I’m very wary of spreading mystery goo all over my beloved vaporiser. I’ll get in touch with the folks at Magic Flight and will find out what it’s for, and I’ll update this post when I know!

Getting the most out of your magic flight

Now that I’ve owned my Launch Box for a while, I’ve become quite good at getting the absolute best out of it. There are a few crucial steps to follow, if you want to get a decent hit:

  1. Grind the weed as finely as possible
  2. Use freshly charged batteries
  3. Let your chronic dry out properly
  4. Keep your gauze clean (use the little brush)
  5. When you hit gets weaker, grind the weed again. You can usually get another full run out of it

It makes a world of difference. When I first got the MFLB delivered (I bought it from Amazon since they do really fast UK shipping) I was a little skeptical it could get me as high as a blunt. But now that I’m familiar with it, I have no doubts you can easily get as stoned as you like – anywhere between slightly giddy, and fully KO’d!


(As an aside – I scrapped my car today with Scrap Any Car and the process went really smoothly – as smooth as the finest vapour hit – so I’d like to give them a shout-out! It’s bikes-only for me now!)

Getting Away With It #3 – The Toilet

The Magic Flight really is an awesome bit of kit. Being able to get a little high in anywhere with a little privacy (such as a toilet cubicle, as pictured above), anywhere, is great. The MFLB doesn’t make any distinct smell or noise, and you can take a hit in less than a minute. Our intrepid explorer has enjoyed the MFLB’s stealth benefits in WCs across the UK without raising alarm once! Naturally, it might not be the greatest idea to stay high 24/7 – after all, you have to earn a living – but having the option is always nice!